Sunday, October 12, 2008

what i did with my weekend

today, i made these apple "hand pies," which i was inspired to make after visiting tiny happy:

i used the crust recipe from here. and apples from our own tree, which i cut up, soaked in lemon water to keep them from browning (very effective and totally natural), sprinkled them with sugar, cinnamon and a small amount of flour.

they looked like this when they were baked:

they were very popular and disappeared VERY quickly.

i also made some in little bitty tart tins:
i planned on making cloth dust covers for all of my kitchen aid appliances, but didn't get that far.
we had some old bananas, so we also made banana bread, which i didn't photograph.
on friday, i bought this fabulous TLR camera:

i loaded it with 120 film (expired in 1991) and took a few pictures. we'll have to see how they turn out. quite cool once i figured it out!

then, i spied some sweet little mushrooms poking their heads up through the bricks out in the circle, so i got out my macro lens and took some pix of them up close and personal.

this lemon is on the "old" lemon tree.
i hope it holds on!!

and last, but not least, the "boys" (husband and rafy) finished the ceiling in the writing house:

now we can paint! one of those shades of blue you see on the far wall.
what did you do with your weekend?

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