Monday, July 27, 2009

it's a colorful life

i don't know if we're just surrounded by color this summer or if i'm just drawn to it at the moment, but it seems that color is the amusement park, in the garden, in our stitching. maybe it's just that nikon totally rocks the color.

we're off to singapore tomorrow around noon. catch ya late next week. unless we send in some reports from the road.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

kerrit carrots

the little packet of carrot seeds that came with the kerrit brand horse shirt sent earlier this spring are growing nicely. yesterday, someone couldn't resist seeing if a couple of them were ready to eat.

they were

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

scenes from mini-holiday in dublin - part 1

we set out for our mini-holiday in dublin. we used my points and had free tickets. but we started our journey on the train. the holiday was for mathilde's sake. you can tell here that she was thrilled...

we arrived in dublin and managed to find our hotel. we then set out in search of adventures. again, mathilde was thrilled and she even stopped listening to her iPod, for about 5 seconds:

so we handed her the camera, hoping to engage her interest a little bit...

and then apparently we just kinda walked away. oh and then it started to rain. and that wasn't fun. but right after that, we found a starbucks and things got a little better. mathilde and sabin discovered the strawberry cream frappucino and that was deemed to be direct from heaven, tho' strangely we failed to photograph it.

after the starbucks pick-me-up, we made our way to the shopping street. mathilde brightened up considerably then. and so did i, because we found lush. we could smell it all the way down the street and just followed our noses.

and then we found a great shoe store called korky's we went back there several times. mmm, shoes.

on the way back to the hotel, sabin and mathilde tried to help this guy with his rope...

we got up to many more adventures, but those pix are on the other computer, so this will have to do for the first installment of adventures in dublin.