Monday, August 31, 2009

loving lizette

we learned this weekend that we could buy lizette if we wanted to. apparently all of the lesson horses are for sale at any time, but at 45,000DKK ($8600), for a 12-year-old with a stiff rear left leg she has to warm out of, it seems a bit pricey, to say the least. so we'll continue to enjoy her on saturdays and sundays. but she is lovely.

and in the saturday lesson, sabin learned a bit of jumping. sabin was the only one who could keep the horse pointed at the jump and keep her from avoiding it at the last second. all of the other horses were totally ducking it because they could get away with it. sabin's doing well, but it could also be a testament to how wonderful lizette is. and of course, they were really just trotting over it, since it wasn't that much of a jump.

Monday, August 24, 2009

latest riding lesson pix

because mom wanted to see our latest riding lessons...
she's riding lisette, the danish warmblood, for both lessons on the weekend now.
they seem to have been made for one another.
you can see how good she sits in comparison to others
they were told to lean back at the canter
they're learning balance,
so that's why she's leaning back like that.
far's giving her a leg up.
it was a bit dusty in the arena.
she likes to ride bareback at the end for the warm-down.
she still sits well, even without the saddle.
very concentrated.
riding outdoors for the sunday lesson.
we even went out on a little tour outdoors.
and back again for a few rounds bareback before sunday's lesson ended.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

riding lessons resume

we started back to riding again this weekend. on saturday, sabin rode a new horse named lizette. she's a lovely danish warmblood and my favorite of all of the lesson horses sabin has ridden. if we get her a horse, it will be one like lizette.

my attraction for lizette could be due to her reminding me of our old beloved i'ma susie bar (without the hauling back on every halter and breaking it).

isn't she just lovely?

she just had such a quiet, lovely way about her. and she really made sabin look good.

the lessons have gone from 30 minutes to an hour now and i think sabin will make leaps forward in progress.