Thursday, May 13, 2010

creative sabin or why on earth did we buy her all those legos?

one day in the week before our move, most of sabin's room was packed up and she didn't have her usual toys to play with. however, that didn't stop her at all. she used paper, markers, tape and a few odds and ends of lego and spent several hours making play food. here are the results.

giving new meaning to the words "paper plates"

clockwise from upper left: egg sandwich with pepper and salt, cheese sandwich, ham with cucumber, leverpostej (paté) with mayo and crunchy onions on top
the salad course

main dish - potatoes with parsley, a few peas and a hamburger
and for dessert - chocolate chip cookie, a wafer biscuit and possibly ice cream (possibly carrots)
she took these photos herself with her iPhone.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

newscast by the sisters broberg

sabin, mathilde (the sister, not the horse) and karoline made a video at the new house on the first day we were there. the things kids will do when they have no television. it's in danish, but worth watching anyway because you can get lots out of the expressions. one of my favorite moments is when karoline flicks the snail off the tree. praise be to iMovie and the iPhone (Karoline shot the whole video on her iPhone). there's a very funny moment as well where mathilde describes a new sport that involves hitting dwarves with coconuts. maybe at some point we can add subtitles. :-)

Monday, May 10, 2010

jumping matilde

the day started off quietly in the pasture, modeling our new blanket

a brisk trot to warm up

pretty 'tilda

we started off with some low jumps

but 'tilda clearly could do more.

and more.

and even more!

i got rather in the groove of capturing the moment.

totally airborne!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

garden implements

a nice riding lawn mower came with our new place

the child took a turn.

and may have exceeded the speed limit

no flowers were harmed

there was also a tiller. and husband had fun with it on sunday.

nothing like a little child labor in the garden

planting potatoes

matilda is a fine pony

matilde was delivered to us yesterday and she settled immediately into her stall and began eating her fresh new hay. she was fed countless carrots and sabin tried to teach her to use her waterer (she has to press her nose against a little lever to make it fill). we let her have a rest after the long journey in the giant horse van and then we want back and sabin rode her for a little while. we started off on the lunge line, but sabin was quickly confident enough to ride without it.

we're keeping her at the neighbor's. they have a nice sandy outdoor arena and 6 horses of their own. they have two daughters - one 18 and one 7, who both ride. the 18-year-old is a serious competitor for the danish national team in jumping and there were some seriously HIGH jumps set up in their arena. we can't wait to see her using them. she's got three warmbloods that she uses for both jumping and dressage. then they have one broodmare who is expecting a colt any day and two ponies. matilde is so fine and pretty, she fits in very nicely.