Thursday, May 13, 2010

creative sabin or why on earth did we buy her all those legos?

one day in the week before our move, most of sabin's room was packed up and she didn't have her usual toys to play with. however, that didn't stop her at all. she used paper, markers, tape and a few odds and ends of lego and spent several hours making play food. here are the results.

giving new meaning to the words "paper plates"

clockwise from upper left: egg sandwich with pepper and salt, cheese sandwich, ham with cucumber, leverpostej (paté) with mayo and crunchy onions on top
the salad course

main dish - potatoes with parsley, a few peas and a hamburger
and for dessert - chocolate chip cookie, a wafer biscuit and possibly ice cream (possibly carrots)
she took these photos herself with her iPhone.

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