Thursday, April 24, 2008


sabin is one of the elves

sabin checks the treasure to make sure it's ok (difficult to see here, but the treasure consists of quite a lot of macaroni wheels spray-painted gold (pretty inventive), a few chicken bones on a string, some beads, some stones, feathers and other bits of a generally treasurey nature).

sabin's role to during the battle was "healer" and every good healer needs a colorful braided headband

all week, sabin's first-grade class, along with the kindergarteners (called class zero "nulte" here) and the second graders have been doing a role play in the park. they walk down to the little viking village every morning, don their costumes and try to steal treasure from one another and fight valiant fights. they are divided into four "teams"--elves, knights, vikings and trolls. they have varying alliances and all kinds of magic powders and spells. it's really, really well-done. and the weather has been perfect for it this week.

i'm thinking that the public schools in denmark are actually pretty darn good at setting a creative example. maybe we are getting something for all those taxes...

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