Sunday, April 13, 2008

observations on the train.

on my way back home from the city today on the S train at 5 p.m., i noted the following:
  1. mysterious, but ever-present puddle of pee in the elevator at nørreport station.
  2. unidentifiable unpleasant smells coming from an unknown place.
  3. young man/boy with last night's EYELINER and GLITTER on, making his way home after a rough saturday night that clearly lasted well into sunday.
  4. young woman with nylons and short shorts on, carrying a pair of white pumps in her hand. clearly also making her way home from a saturday night out on the town. makeup mostly, but not completely gone.
  5. 3 solitary elderly people, all very particular about choosing a seat. all 3 look a bit on the lonely side, yet wouldn't dream of speaking to one another.
  6. tired looking man with a suitcase. clearly a politiken reader.
  7. 12-year old girl with a hopelessly uncool mother.

i wonder what these people's stories really are...

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