Tuesday, April 1, 2008

this day will not be so blah

after feeling so totally blah yesterday, i decided to spend a little time looking for inspiration this morning. and i found this cool project and this one or even this one. they're actually all from the same very cool crafty blog--bookhou baby. and it looks like they are pretty much all projects that you can do with crafty kids!

i also really love these. i have to go scrounge the second-hand shops and find some old scrabble sets so i can make my own variation of it. maybe painting in tiny format would help me not feel so overwhelmed by the expanse of canvas.

there are lots of people out there making very cool, very small canvases. sabin did a regular production of them when she came to painting class with me the other day. maybe that would be good. the link here uses all kinds of fun stuff...pretty paper, printing, painting--to make a groovy little bitty collage. i think i need to try that. but i might really NEED one of those gocco machines.

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