Monday, April 28, 2008

julie's top airline list

since i love lists, i thought i'd make a list of the top ten (memorable) airlines that i've flown in the past year or so and the reason(s) for their ranking:
  1. South African. hands down the top. super funny and friendly flight attendant. great wine. amarula with the coffee. and you end up in cape town. what could be better?
  2. KLM. those collector's bottles of little amsterdam houses they hand out at the end of the flight. good movie selection.
  3. SAS. my "home" airline. the age of the flight attendants (they don't call it Sexy After Sixty for nothing) makes me think that i can still always fall back on that as a career if this shipping thing doesn't work out.
  4. Thai. they hand out orchids at the end of the flight. and that one time we got upgraded to first class--i wanted to stage an "environmental protest--" and not ever leave that environment.
  5. Singapore Airlines. they're only #5, tho' you would expect them to be higher, but that's because they've cut back a lot in the past year--no little goodie bags with toothbrush and such if it's not a night flight. but upstairs rocks on the 747s.
  6. Spanair. tho' low budget, it seems so friendly and vibrant.
  7. Baltic. eastern european meets scandinavian.
  8. Sterling. if you have to do budget, they're pretty ok.
  9. British Airways. would have ranked higher due to posh lotion and lip stuff in biz class bags, but the flight attendants are just so schoolmarmish.
  10. Lufthansa. they suck. period. the food. the service. the old planes. it all bites big time. even in business.

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