Tuesday, April 1, 2008

fabulous recipe for you to try

on the heels of the energizing juice that i made and drank this afternoon, and thereby regained my strength, i invented a recipe when i made dinner tonight. i hereby present it and will attempt to make it dummy-proof! you must try it out on our parents while you're there.

creamy lemon pasta sauce

1 small onion, diced
handful of mushrooms, sliced (i had probably 7-8 left of a package from the other day)
1 good glug (or large wine glass) of white wine
1 healthy spoonful of mustard (grainy, like we used for the sausage dish)
juice of ½ a lemon
½ pint of cream (that's the small one, right?)
handful of grated cheese (preferably prima donna, but a gouda or cheddar would be ok)
handful of finely chopped ramsl√łg--you'll never find these, as they grow in the forest here--they are a fragrant, mild wild garlic that you use the leaves of. you can use a couple of cloves of garlic and chop some parsley or add some fresh thyme for some flecks of green color

sauteé the onions and mushrooms in some olive oil until the onions start to go soft and the mushrooms look a little bit browned.

then, add a glass of white wine and the mustard let it bubble quite vigorously until some of the liquid boils off. add the cream and the lemon and let it bubble until it thickens a bit. you can help the thickening a bit by grating in some nice cheese (i used our favorite salty prima donna)

in the meantime, boil some pasta (i assume that you can do this, so i don't have to explain).

i served it with homemade chicken strips--small bits of chicken breast turned in egg and cracker crumb and fried in a pan with sunflower oil until golden brown. i actually did them in the pan first, then set them in the oven to stay warm while i used the pan for the sauce, so the sauce had the bits of the chicken cracker crumbs in it as well.

you can turn the pasta in it before serving and to get the pasta well-coated.

it was lemony and garlicky and just delicious. unfortunately, i didn't photograph it...

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