Sunday, April 20, 2008

entrepreneurial spirit

sabin has started a small business.

she sells handmade rubber stamps carved from erasers (all by herself)

they come in a range of prices from 2-10 kroner

and banana muffins with chocolate bits for 3 kroner

and small plum tomatoes cost 2 kroner

we're uncertain as to the longevity of her business, as it doesn't seem to be making her happy. in fact, she's pretty much a stormcloud if her parents aren't buying something every five minutes or so. but, perhaps she will learn patience. and she's pretty excited about the publicity she's getting here on the blog.


Del said...

I had to smile when I read this entry on your blog. My granddaughter also loves to set up little stores all over the house. She has set up a candy store, a kitchen spice store, a avon store and also has three little offices set up in various locations. Although it drives her mom mad it also makes her happy that her daughter has this wonderful imagination and can entertain herself! I found your blog through my daughter-in-laws's, enchantedartist. I will keep yours on my favorites.

julochka said...

thanks! she did indeed drive us a bit crazy that day, but i totally applaud her efforts. :-) thank you for stopping by.