Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Writing Class

I arrived this evening at my community college creative writing class promptly at 6:29. Class was scheduled to begin at 6:30, so I was feeling good about my arrival. I walked in and the small group of seated people all turned to see me and I began to dig desperately for my confirmation sheet to find out what time it was supposed to begin. 6:30, indeed. They started early! Ok, no problem. They were going around the table introducing themselves and I'd already missed two people. And stupid me, I sat there listening and memorizing names as each person spoke. When it came round to my turn, I hadn't planned what to say at ALL!

I could tell them that I signed up for this class because I just came back to Iowa from Winter Camp. At Winter Camp in Denmark, I enjoyed arts and crafts, nature walks, a couple of excursions to other countries and some late night scary stories. In returning to Iowa, it's my Winter Camp assignment to continue the arts, crafts and storytelling.

I could tell them that I'm a radio celebrity, cuz I love to open every conversation with a new person by recalling all the places on the dial where they've heard me.

We could talk about my recent career in mortgages and how shitty that whole situation is in this country.

I could tell them about my depressed betta and how when I left for class tonight, I placed a nice picture of Nigella next to him in the hopes of cheering him up.

I could even try explaining to them what I'm doing for a living right now, but that just precipitates too many questions that require long answers.

I did tell them that I'm blogging with my sister who lives overseas. I told them about the constant badgering I receive from that sister to make daily blog entries. I told them about my sister's addiction to blogging and reading other people's blogs. And then I told them what a blog is and asked them to bear with me while they read some of my blog entries until I can write something else for them to read.

You wanted to know my writing assignment from tonight's class. Here it is: 2 - 10 pages, double-spaced. Unless you're writing poetry, in which case you can hand in a one pager. This needs to be handed in, via email, by tomorrow night at this time.

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julochka said...

was there no topic assignment? just a random, vague "write 2-10 pages." that bites.