Saturday, September 20, 2008

don't go there!

i found the juicy couture in changi airport (singapore) goes DESPERATELY WRONG on me, for the love of god, do not buy me any!!! unless you plan to remain a continent away from me! which you probably do, but then at least think of those around me who would have to smell it.

i did, however, buy vera wang's new one--bouquet. i'd gotten a singapore crispy back from the tax thing, so i used it on that. at least some of it. i hadn't had any vera wang before. i almost went for a wintery chanel--allure sensuelle--but the vera wang seemed more right now. :-)

i've had so much summery stuff, but it feels like time to put that at the back of the shelf and bring out more autumny scents. don't you think?

the one i return to again and again tho' is kenneth cole black. and it's getting pretty low. i like that one, even if it doesn't last that long. might have to reinvest in that at some point.

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