Friday, November 21, 2008

quilting again

it's snowing small snowballs outside and so i decided to make a quilt for the writing house, rather than do something otherwise constructive, like empty boxes or paint. and no, i'm not done with the lap quilt yet (the binding is a bit of a stopping point for me), why do you ask? 

on this quilt, i'm going to cheat a little bit, by backing it with a fleece blanket, rather than using batting and a neutral fabric on the back. i think it will enable me to finish it in one day. that's my goal anyway.
that's the fleece i'll use as backing right there next to it. it matches better in person than it does in this photo. it was fun to actually USE the writing house for laying it all out. i only used three different fabrics, but i think it works really well. i've got it all pinned together now and i'll start sewing it together after i run and pick up sabin.

what are you doing this weekend?

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