Friday, June 26, 2009

oh wow gazpacho

i invented a mean gazpacho last evening with bits & pieces we had around here. and it's the best thing for hot weather. you'll have to make everyone in your vicinity eat it too, because it's really garlicky, but worth it.


5-6 largish-tomatoes - peeled and cut into quarters
1 cucumber - peeled and cut into chunks
1 fat clove of garlic

whiz it all up in the blender with a good glug of white wine (yes, i put white wine in everything).

2 TB of soy sauce (i have a great one from the Philippines that has lime in it too--Toyomansi it's called)
1 TB pomegranate sirup
3 TB good olive oil

you could include a red pepper and an onion if you'd like, but i didn't in this batch and it's really good. put it in a jar in the fridge to chill, tho' you could throw some ice cubes in when you blitz and if your tomatoes and cuke were cold,  you'd be good to go eating it right away. totally refreshing and delicious.

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