Monday, December 14, 2009

christmas party at the riding school

on saturday, we got a taste of exactly how many students go to sabin's riding school! and it's a lot! we went for our regular lesson in the morning and the sun was shining on a fine, winter day. sabin rode zidan, who is her current favorite. he's the one that's a little character and likes to hold the whip in his mouth while i help sabin get on. he's exactly the kind of horse we need to get for her when the time comes. in fact, i think we'll even probably try to buy him.

after our lessons, we went out to a little bitty christmas market at a little bitty castle across the fjord. there was a horse to climb on there as well.

then, it was time to go back to the christmas party at the riding school. sabin was part of the st. lucia group. they wore white sheets tied with silver garlands and decorated their riding helmets with silver garlands as well and carried a candle. we all walked into the riding hall in the dark, just by the glow of the candles, singing the st. lucia song. it was so much fun! after that, there were æbleskiver and mulled wine (gløgg) and santa came and handed out candy.

again, it's so hard to get good pictures in the dark.

here you can see the whole group and the christmas tree in the arena!

it was so much fun, it really put us in the christmas spirit.

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