Tuesday, April 27, 2010

quite likely sabin's new horse

sabin and mathilde and a giant pile of poo
we went to the horse trader today. turns out he's got a fancy house and an even fancier stable - nothing like stan barthel, i tell you. but despite all that, you definitely get the feeling from him that he is an honest horse trader. and he'll even deliver the horse to boot. and on top of it, if it doesn't work out for you and the horse, you can trade for another one until it does work. pretty cool.

sabin rode 3 horses. the first one ran away with her, scared the crap out of her and she fell off. not the right horse. #2 was the perfect size, but #3, seen above, we fell in love with. we're going back again tomorrow to ride #2 and #3 again - #2 is named himalaya and #3 is named mathilde.

i think it's an omen. i mean how many horses did monica have that were named some form of julie. at least two. she's pretty, sound, a good size (a large pony - class I as it's called here), has her horse passports, shots, new shoes, is 11, has jumped and done eventing. a very well-raised if a bit frisky pony. hope to have more pictures to share tomorrow.

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allhorsestuff said...

Hi there!
Happy New Year!!

Just catching up...Hope that Matilda is doing well and your daughter has a good instructor..she is a great little rider that stands to become great!!