Sunday, December 4, 2011

4th out of 12!

not great shots (it's just TOO DARK these days) - but it will give you an idea of the horse show.  Sabin competed in LD1 - a dressage pattern that you do at the trot and the walk.

far pinned on the pin in the wrong spot - i fixed it before she competed.
off down the center line - matilde looks grey with her new haircut.
i love the fresh cut on her tail as well - why didn't we do that? it looks so good with a blunt cut!
kind of a fast trot.
4th place of 12!

sabin ended up in fourth place overall (out of 12) - pretty good for the first time completing the class. one of the girls in her class was in her 20s! tho' it looks like a 6th place ribbon, it's actually 4th (everyone from 3rd and beyond get green in denmark). and best of all, she's already declared she wants to do it again!

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