Tuesday, August 12, 2008

back to school

it's that time. back-to-school time. since we are apparently NOT among the resource-stærke forældre, we didn't know what time school started yesterday (and the website did NOT say either), so we showed up at 8:10, the usual time. but that was too early. school didn't start 'til 9. so, we dropped sabin at the SFO and husband went to a meeting and i came home. then, i biked over at 9 to be there with her when she went in. by then, she didn't need me or really want me there. big second graders don't need their moms to show them the way.
i stood with a cluster of other parents in the doorway while all of the kids in turn told what they did during their summer holiday. the boys were out of their minds raising their hands to tell, but all of the girls in the class had much more dignity about it. it was like watching dogs and cats, the boys eager as puppies with tails wagging and tongues hanging out, the girls, like cats, cool and collected, calmly grooming themselves 'til it was their turn.

when sabin finally spoke up, in a surprisingly quiet voice that was quite unlike one i knew she possessed, she said she'd be to the US. when asked what she did, she said she pet the kittens at her grandma's house and that one had a broken leg and it wasn't really ok. the teacher (a former stewardess, who rules the class with an iron fist cloaked in a velvet glove) managed to drag owen and finn's names out of her, but that was about it.

i guess she didn't want anyone quoting her.

p.s. used my lensbaby to take this picture. LOVE the soft effect on the edges.

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