Sunday, August 3, 2008

scrumbled eggs

for a couple of days sabin has had a slightly touchy tummy. not sure if it's a touch of the flu or if it's just that time of year when you eat too many cherries and strawberries, too much melon and perhaps a few too many peaches and nectarines. anyway, this morning, she looked up from her mario and said, "mom, will you make me some scrumbled eggs?" she said she ate them at aunt monica's. 

so, what could i do but trot downstairs and stir her up a batch of nice, fluffy scrumbled eggs? and you know what? they perked her right up.


Monica said...

Thing is; I KNOW I didn't scramble a single egg at my house. Maybe Grandma Pat did at her house. We had some scrambled eggs the other day when we went to iHop, but Sabin never went to iHop with us.

What's interesting to me is that her little body knew just what it needed. It was saying, "Enough fiber already, gimme some protein!" She listens to her body, that's super!

julochka said...

she just got that cute little look on her face and did that little snort that she does when she's praised after i read her your comment.

for me, the most endearing part was that she called them "scrumbled" eggs instead of scrambled. i almost got tears in my eyes over that one.