Friday, September 26, 2008

halloween approaches

halloween is coming and since poor sabin never really had a birthday party clear back in january because the house was torn apart, we've invited her whole class to a halloween party. last sunday, we all sat down to make the invitations together.  here are some of the results:

i started off by gocco-ing the words onto one side of the cards.
i love how the gocco-ed cards look in the drying rack.
we stamped the word "Halloween" with rubber stamps.
orange is so cheerful!
even with a skullie on it.
then we proceeded to decorate the other side of the cards.
we used halloween paper goodies i bought at scrap shops in singapore.
sabin did this one.
this one was mine.
one of mathilde's
sabin's favorite one.
we saved this one to remember them by.
and then there was far...
this was tame enough
and rather amusing since it contains an image of
the evil pia kjærsgaard of dansk folkeparti,
the "afraid of the world" party in denmark, 
caught in a spider web.

but then there was this:
husband was quite inspired by the newspaper.
he took a cartoon with the seals and bats,
put it over a picture of a swimming pool of happy children,
and then liberally used a red marker.

i think we'll set to work producing such cards and sell them on etsy ,
in a shop called "totally disturbing cards."
what do you think?


Monica said...

Husband can come up with some strange stuff. When we dies, we should have his brain pickled so someone can study it years from now...

julochka said...

i wonder who we can get to take it....the brain, that is.