Saturday, February 28, 2009

a first

today sabin at long last had her first riding lesson (it was about time). it went very well. i was so impressed with the teacher--she had sabin already posting the trot (she's not got the hang of it yet) and she even cantered one round of the arena. then, for the last ten minutes, they removed the saddle so sabin could ride bareback and get the feel of the horse beneath her. it was a great intro and she sat very well from the beginning. even the teacher remarked on it to me.

she was pretty pleased with the horsehair on her breeches afterwards. must get her new boots & breeches as her boots didn't fit and these breeches are really short and way too tight! i made her wear them anyway, but she really needs some that fit properly.

the good news is that she really loved it. she seemed a little high and excited when it was over. and she said her legs felt funny. i told her how i used always feel short when i got down from the horse. we're definitely going back next week.

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