Saturday, April 11, 2009

beautiful day at møn's klint

sabin and i went to møn's klint today. it was sunny and just perfect (except for all the other people). it's better to go there on a nice day in january when no one else is there. but we still found plenty of stones to carry up all those stairs and home. and we even took a few down with us, just to take their picture (as irrelevant as that may seem). it did make us happy, so that's what matters, irrelevant or not...

here are some highlights:

the pooka with the D60 around her neck.
she's quite the budding photographer.
this is a little lizard that sabin made at school.
we thought he'd like to spend some time at the beach.
here are some of the stones we took down with us.
and these are the fossils from a previous trip
to møn's klint.
i sent them to canada
where they got these clothes made for them.
what a long trip they've been on.
* * *
we did more fun things that i'll share tomorrow.

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