Friday, April 10, 2009

gin & tonic sorbet

i was asked recently to express myself as a flavor of ice cream. i said that i would be a gin & tonic sorbet--grown-up, sophisticated, relaxing, refreshing and with a bit of sass. something you'd like to spend time with every day. plus, it's spring and in spring one's thoughts turn to cool drinks sipped in the sunshine.

gin & tonic sorbet

first, make a sugar syrup by bringing 3C water and 1C sugar to a boil.

allow the syrup to cool.

then stir together the following in small, flat dish that will fit in your freezer. i used a flat 1.5 inch tall by A4-sized tupperware container with a lid:

1 C of the sugar syrup
1 half liter bottle of schweppes indian tonic (do not be cheap about your tonic, only schweppes will do)
the juice of 2 limes
1/2 C of gin (i used g'vine, a posh french small batch gin)

i let mine freeze overnight, but it likely would have been ready sooner--the gin keeps it from freezing into ice cube-like consistency. then, you take a fork and rake it across until it's a lovely slushy consistency, put it in a glass with a slice of lime and serve in the sun.

it's heavenly. i promise.

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