Monday, February 15, 2010

back to riding

sabin took a few weeks off her riding lessons because it's been so cold. when it's so cold, her hands completely freeze, despite trying several different kinds of fancy supposedly wintery riding gloves and then she feels she can't properly hold the reins and have control of the horse. it was making her dislike riding and there were tears. but yesterday, it was a bit warmer and i encouraged forced her to go.

her teacher was very understanding and let her ride Silverstar, the horse she rode at her very first lessons. he's super steady and doesn't pull any tricks and doesn't do any naughty snortiness. still she didn't want to canter and rode into the center when the others cantered. then, the teacher had them put their stirrups up so they were riding without stirrups. after trotting for awhile that way, she asked them to canter and sabin just cued Silverstar into a canter like nobody's business. husband and me laughed pretty hard. she wouldn't canter with the stirrups, but it was no problem without.

she managed to visit all of her favorites horses and give them a carrot after the lesson. especially Zidan.

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