Wednesday, February 6, 2008

avocado toast

i think avocado toast must be the closest thing there is to the perfect breakfast. a couple of slices of yesterday's loaf of good bread from the "gold baker," just a tad on the dry side, popped into the toaster. they come out, burning your fingers as you put them over on the bread board. slathering them in butter that melts instantly on the warm, crunchy surface. smoothing soft knife-fuls of perfectly ripe, bright green avocado on the pooling butter, creating a carpet of its green, buttery goodness. sprinkling it with lime pepper and crystals of maldon's sea salt. biting in and feeling the crunchiness of the salt crystals melding with the soft heavenly avocado and the warm, crunchy toast in your mouth. tasting a small zing of lime on the tongue. absolute heaven.

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