Sunday, February 17, 2008

but we likey the gorgeous stuff!

although i believe you are a TAD on the manic side....i do agree with the over-use of the word "gorgeous" and will attempt (it may be hard at first--due to the posh yarn site being open on my other screen and those colors ARE yummy!) to limit its use. i already had a sense myself that i was over-using it. mostly because, as you say, it always looks spelled wrong, so it always trips me up. i shall try not to use it as much. but at least it's a positive word and not like i am constantly using "poop" or "heinous" (that's another one that looks spelled wrong), which would be negative.

as for likey, although it's not a word, it's cheerful. tho' it's being over-used in the blogosphere (at least that part of the blogosphere where i'm spending far too much time), i'll grant you that. i can't promise not to use it. mostly because there's so much gorgeous stuff that i likey these days! ;-)

as for my almost got me with the mrs. leistra reference, but i resolve to stick to resting my pinkies and limiting my use of capital letters. suzi blu would approve.

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