Tuesday, February 12, 2008

we likey...

...café lezinc. it's a local café here in frederikssund. it's been open only a couple of months. the couple who runs it is really nice. the food is awesome. the lighting is right. and we dig their tall skinny mermaid sculptures. we went there yesterday for tall hot chocolates, topped with real whipped cream. today, it was lunch. i had a beautiful salad with slices of roast beef encrusted in mustard on top of fresh, delectible baby leaves of all kinds, with artichokes and oven-dried tomatoes hiding in among the leaves, like a delicious surprise and a gorgeous sweet balsamic red onion relish on top. monica had a chicken sandwich with slices of chicken breast speckled with pesto atop similar salad to mine--with julienned radish peeking out here and there from under the toasty-warm fresh bread. hers came with homemade potato fries and a delicious garlic mayo for dipping. fantastic! i wonder if we can eat lunch there every day?

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