Sunday, February 24, 2008

easy friday dinner

this sadly now empty bottle of delheim's chardonnay sur lie, i post here to remind us of how fantastic it was. we drank it on friday evening (for the second to last supper) with the smoked shrimp and smoked "butterfish" from the little smokehouse on møn. it was crisp and yes, dare i say, gorgeous, with the smoky goodness of the shrimp and the fragrant garlic of the homemade aïoli i made to accompany it. it was one of those easy friday dinners--3 different kinds of cheese (prima donna with those yummy salt crystals in the hard body of the cheese, a soft, creamy danish blue and a real french brie), 2 kinds of sausage, the smoked butterfish, the smoked shrimp with aïoli and two kinds of fresh, delicious loaves of bread from the bakery. it was a worthy use of the last bottle of the delheim from my november visit to the delheim winery in the western cape. ahhh....these are the times to remember.

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