Friday, February 15, 2008

everyday moments

last night, we had a great dinner, i know i already described it a bit below, but i keep thinking about it, so i have to go on about it again...

it was valentine's day, so we bought some filet mignons. to go with them, i made portabellos sauteed in garlic butter (i think sabin ate most of those) and my old favorite green bean dish. it's green beans boiled just long enough to turn bright green, but not lose their crunch, then tossed in with some bacon that's been sauteed together with onions. at the end, you throw a handful of chopped salty almonds. it's heavenly. and instead of any potato (carbs bad, you know), a very simple salad of baby spinach leaves and mango. we drank the last bottle of that fantastic spiers pinotage from the western cape. perfection.

but best of all, we lingered at the table, talking and laughing and trying the valentine chocolates. sabin loves those days when we stay at the table, laughing and telling stories. these are the things that memories are made of. everyday moments.

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