Friday, February 29, 2008

it comes but once every 4 years

it seems like whatever is written today on leap year day should be good. it's a special day. it comes only once every four years. it's like a bonus, extra day, which to me, makes it seem like it shouldn't be wasted. and that i shouldn't write drivel (and yet, here i sit, chattering away...).

tomorrow, we're starting our raw food detox diet. we're not going 100% raw in one fell swoop, we're going to be sensible, which is what natalia rose, the woman who wrote the book, advocates anyway. i told husband this morning and he began muttering something under his breath about not really getting official notice in writing in good time so he wasn't sure he was going to participate. unless he's doing the cooking himself (which he will be on thursday and friday when i'm in oslo), he'll be eating MY way and my way is the new detox raw food diet way. tons of fruit and vegetables and being smart about food combining--no starches with meat, no avocado on toast. we're going to eat this way for the month of march and see what happens.

i already changed to a different organic box from årstiderne so that it won't require so much cooking as the dogme box does with all those root vegetables. i also ordered organic wine from them, so that if we must have wine, at least it will be organic. i'm not going to do everything raw either. cooked spinach is one of nature's most perfect foods, esp. w/a little garam masala and some sauteéd onions (my mouth is watering just thinking about it), so i'll no doubt make that. (hey, that might make a good afternoon snack.)

it would be nice to lose a bit of weight, but actually, i want to do this diet in order to be much more conscious about the food i'm eating. this week, we felt lazy and got pizza one night. i always feel yucky afterwards. too full, all bloated and vaguely disgusted with myself (same thing after the saturday shawarmas, which are going to have go as well). no more of that! we will be conscious about what food we put in our mouths. and we will need a juicer. i adore kitchen appliances.

i'm not sure this posting was worthy of february 29, but it'll have to do.

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