Sunday, February 10, 2008


we have lots to do this week, even tho' it's supposedly a holiday. the winter holiday--vinterferie. for a holiday, there's certainly a lot to do:
  1. voice recordings (m)
  2. talk to that riding place (that lady never called back. :-( ) (j)
  3. visit an art museum (i vote for arken, which just reopened after building on) (j, m, s)
  4. visit a castle (j, m, s)
  5. finish buying husband's b-day prezzies. (j)
  6. wrap them. (j & s)
  7. celebrate husband's birthday (tuesday) (he wants to go out to dinner--also to celebrate outsourcing the retards) (all)
  8. anxiously await next delivery of pretty papers and chipboard alphabets (j)
  9. møns klint if there's a sunny day (j, m, s)
  10. west coast of jutland (j, m, s)
  11. quick ski trip to sweden? (j, m, s)
  12. go try to retrieve lost green jacket/wallet out at svanholm (j on monday)
  13. get some more of that basicgrey recess pretty paper that's 50% off in roskilde (j)
  14. clear out kitchen so it can be torn out (j)
  15. inspection of new furnace by gas company people (tuesday)
  16. go on expedition for 6 identical laundry baskets (j)
  17. take all that damn cement out of the trunk (to make room for driftwood for potential trip to west coast of jutland) (husband)
  18. dinner at maj's on saturday (all)
  19. stop incessantly sitting in front of the internet (j, m)
  20. get over this stupid cold in order to enjoy all of above (j)

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