Sunday, February 24, 2008

the end of the "denmark period"

..or is it the beginning of the journey home? or maybe a bit of both? monica had a crazy amount of carry-on luggage at the airport today (not sure how she's going to lift that backpack into the overhead locker when she gets on the plane). i had to come back home with a bunch of sweatpants and a jogging suit which i never saw her wear in all the time she was here, because the bags were a bit overweight (are you callin' me fat?). but most of the essentials got to go back home to iowa. and she even managed to take her paintings along in the carry-on, which is way cool.

the house is already quieter. we will definitely miss having "aunt" around here. life will seem a little more dull and a little less colorful. but, we're also glad that she's going home to put some color back in owen and finn's lives! we hope the journey has been a good one! :-) come back with owen & finn when the house is finally done!!

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