Thursday, February 7, 2008

Write, dammit! Just Write!

All day today I've been procrastinating. I have Things To Do. And rather than tackle them head-on, I put them off. I started packing a bag for a trip that's over two weeks away. I ripped some music into my iTunes. I did some reading, hell I even took a nap! I made myself a cocktail before I finally sat down to edit that script. I felt a tinge of guilt as I excused myself from dinner clean-up to finally tackle some of the editing. So, I'll deal with that tomorrow when it's time to clean something around here.

Speaking of which, we need to do something that's visible to Husband when he gets home. We could even paint a canvas. Or make some beaded earrings. I'm not sure if he cares that I threw a sheep at Dave Sedgwick tonight on Facebook. You can't see that, nor can you benefit from it. But what a sense of accomplishment that little sheep toss gave to me!

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