Saturday, February 16, 2008

Word Ban

I'm making a new rule. No member of this household is to use the word "gorgeous" in a blog from this point forward. The reasons?
* it never looks like it's spelled correctly, even when it is
* it's getting entirely too much use
* there are many other words that would like a chance to be used in its place
* I'd rather hear a sentence about this thing's gorgeous-ness than just have to believe you that it is, indeed, gorgeous.
* There are many gorgeous things worthy of being described. What makes them gorgeous? That's what I want to know.
* What IS gorgeous? It's an ugly word. Is the root word, "gorge?" Are we greedily eating until we're just stuffed? Or is there a deep, dark hole with a river at the bottom? Or are we about to throw up, feeling our gorge rise?

Expand your mind by limiting your own over-used words. I haven't noticed some recent capital letters in your entries, have I? Is Suzi Blu getting to the traditionalist in you? You're now feeling the creative energy flowing so much that your fingers have taken over old habits again with the capitalized letters? Perhaps you were so constricted... before... that you were also restricting your fingers. Telling them, "No, little pinky fingers, don't you capitalize the first letters of my new sentences!" The pinky fingers did as they were told, but they resented the affected results of sentences lacking capital letters. The pinky fingers are not crying out with your new freedom of creativity! They're saying "Let us do it, Mommy! We WANT to do what Mrs. Leistra taught us! We want to make capital letters!

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