Thursday, March 6, 2008

good story!

i don't have as good a story as your furniture-buying adventure. i've just been out, checking out the retail scene in oslo. oslo is pretty in its downtown. strangely, tho' it must be smaller, it feels more metropolitan than copenhagen. i has a bit of a feel of glasgow, which i mean as a compliment (tho' it could be interpreted otherwise). i wandered into a small knitting shop and wandered out again WITHOUT BUYING ANYTHING. yes, it was a small miracle. i found a juice bar where i fixed my jonesing withdrawal from my juicer. whew. i wandered into a bookstore where they had the best selection of moleskine journals that i've seen, well, ever. i bought a really cool one that's small like my fave kind, but that is 60 pages all connected, like an accordion. i'm going to make one long, art journal picture, based on what i see on trains and planes. i'm inspired by the jennifer new book on journals. i also bought a small moleskine that you can do storyboards on the pages, because they have the squares for it all built-in. so, oslo passed the moleskine test, for sure.

then, i wandered along and found a store called norway design where they had a fabulous paper section--lots of pretty papers (from which i restrained). and when i say fabulous, i mean FABULOUS!! i bought small red envelopes. i think i'll use them to make invitations to our housewarming party (when it's finally done). i'll say, "small envelope, big party" or something like that. i also bought some cool pens. they're markers, but seem like they will work like paintbrushes. looking forward to trying them out in the art journal.

well, it's time to go to dinner. you still haven't posted any disney stories and pix, so get it on while you wait for your furniture.

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