Tuesday, March 25, 2008

i'm wired again

the TDC guy was here today. it took him over an hour (because he had to run a new line up the house and drill through the actual bricks which comprise the house), but i'm online again, baby! just in time to go to oslo for the week. where i will also be online, since i'm at the radisson and they have wireless.

what is strange is that i haven't been glued to the computer since i came online. i've been doing other things! like dishes and laundry and packing and putting away clean clothes and gathering my papers that i'll need in oslo. perhaps the time away did me some good!

i'm taking half a suitcase of artsy supplies with me to oslo. is that mental? the idea of being all alone in a hotel room without glue and pretty paper and rub-ons and stamps just didn't sound good. so, i made a small, portable box of goodies to take along and packed my art journal. i'll see what effect it has on the creativity to create from a hotel room.

so post about something other than boogers while i'm gone this time, will ya?

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