Monday, March 24, 2008

other people’s mail

this was was from march 21-

i have a thing about other people opening my mail. they simply shouldn’t do it. just like someone else shouldn’t rifle through my purse. if you want something from my purse, i’ll find it for you, you are not to go digging for it yourself. it’s the same with mail. if it’s got my name on it, that means it’s for me and i should be the one to open it. if i choose to leave it sitting there for a week before i open it, so be it, but leave it alone!

i can understand your disappointment and anger yesterday that the computer you carefully packaged and sent to dad was opened by someone other than him. and i have trouble understanding it. why would anyone open something that wasn’t addressed to them? even if they knew what it was and who it was from? that’s simply wrong. it wasn’t as if it was a new computer for the E’prise that was simply addressed to dad, but was for the business. i just don’t get it. i don’t understand the thinking behind opening something not addressed to oneself. i cannot make it make sense in my head.

after all the work you went to to ensure that dad could unpack and start up his new laptop himself, i totally understand that you were furious that he didn’t get to do it. thank goodness mom was able to put it all back so that he could, at least partially, get the experience of getting it going himself. and it sounds like he was able to get it going and even look up some scores on ESPN from his very own living room chair. and that’s what it was all about, so it seems the package opening incident will become just an unfortunate, but minor incident on the road to dad’s computer independence.

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