Saturday, March 29, 2008

Shopper's High

Yesterday, I had an unbelievably good day. I'm a little concerned about that good day, because it might have been due to Shopper's High that it was so fantastic. I got my long overdue hair cut and colored. As usual, my hair girl is fantastic. She does exactly what I ask and introduces me to fabulous new ideas. I had her finish off my newly layered hair with a proper styling. She used a curling iron and some magic sprays on my hair to make it seem like I was wearing a damn wig. I left there feeling like a new woman.

I had someone cancel an appointment after my time at the hair salon. So I had two more hours to occupy. I drove past the mall on my way to a car wash. And I thought about the Estee Lauder counter inside Von Maur. And I thought about horrible condition of my aging face and how not well my skin has weathered the last year. The last year of by life, by the way, was particularly adventurous. I traveled over 2 oceans 9 times, went through two address changes, picked up an interest in cooking, read 17 books and smoked a shisha.

The woman behind the Estee counter couldn't believe her good fortune. I arrived with nice hair, but a feeble attempt at proper make-up. I asked her to re-do my face for the evening. And with the promise of smooth and radiant and glowing, younger skin, I bought a good portion of the crap she used on my face. Gotta love the always interest-free credit at the Von Maur!

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julie said...

sometimes one must just go for a little retail therapy...