Friday, March 28, 2008

My Day

Thanks, sis, for posting the pictures of my table. Yes, I put silverware out there after the pix were snapped.

Glad to hear you're enjoying Oslo. Also glad to hear that you'd like me to come and visit when you move there. Shouldn't you be careful, though, with those open invitations? I did just spend the entire winter with your family in Denmark. I think Husband has had enough of Wife #2.

This week, I've been deeply impacted by a news story from Iowa City. A teacher I worked with a decade ago while studying elementary education at the University of Iowa was killed along with the rest of her family. I won't elaborate on the horrible nature of the whole story, you can read about that yourself. But I spent my morning today behaving strangely, I believe, as a result of thinking so much about that teacher. I logged in to the Cedar Rapids Community School District website and filled out some job applications. I'm in a place right now where something part-time might suit me. I can see dipping my toe back into a school just to see if it might feel okay this time. I applied for teacher assistant things, even though I'm technically overqualified. I can see myself working in a Title I room with 4 or 5 students at a time. I'd love to teach reading strategies to young kids... just not 28 of them at one time. I'm not sure classroom teaching was ever a good idea for me. So we'll see what comes of those applications. I might have a difficult time explaining why I ran so far far away from the elementary schools after I graduated. I s'pose I could show them a picture of a coupla kids and some nice activity in my passport.

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