Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Little Boys reading and writing

Today I brought my fish home from my office that I abandoned last September. I couldn't believe the fish was still alive and my old friends begged me to take him home. I did and then I promptly gave him fresh water and clean rocks. The boys spotted him right away when they got here. He was overfed and touched several times. Finn spent quite a while making faces at him through the curvy glass. Owen announced while I was putting labels on Dad's laptop, that he was naming the fish "Do Do." A couple of hours later, I noticed one of the Post It labels was placed on the fish tank. In green crayon, it read "Do Do West." My boy knows how to write. Owen also suggested that we tape lots of faces to the fish tank so the fish can see them. That way, Do Do can communicate to us his mood anytime, just by swimming near the happy face or the sad face or the angry face.

We read our usual pile of books when it was bedtime. Tonight, we featured the airplane books we took with us on our airplane ride a couple of weeks ago. One of them is quite easy, though it features words like, "pilot" and "cockpit" and "seatbelts" and "suitcases" and "control tower." To my amazement, Owen read nearly all of that book completely unassisted. Even more to my amazement was Finn correcting Owen's occasional mistake.

These are examples of the kind of growth that happened while I was gone. Both boys can open the doors to my car, climb in and buckle themselves in. Finn is pretty proud of that, he knows it's a big help to me that he can do with no help.

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