Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Splendid Table

While browsing Barnes & Noble the other day, the cookbook section, I noticed a book called The Splendid Table. I though, "Huh, it's not just a show on NPR." So I've got this new table, some little brown placemats to try to protect it, and the nifty new dishes from Target. I got out my rocks from Møn's Klint and at long last found a taper candle to go in it. Seriously, a taper candle. How hard are they to find? HARD! Target had peach colored, scented ones, in a box of two. I wanted the big brick of taper candles one gets from Ikea. Again, I stopped at Pier 1 and found the candles, though not in such a big brick. And I rushed home to complete my own Splendid Table.

I've done just a bit of cooking since getting back to the US a month ago. And now I truly have my kitchen put together and ready to use. If only someone would finish eating this huge pot of chicken & noodles.

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