Saturday, March 15, 2008

why is it...

...that food cooked outdoors just seems to taste better?

i'm making nigel's coq au reisling on the rusty old stove that's outside the back door today.

i cooked the entire dish out there. i only diced onions and cut mushrooms in the house, but cooked it all while standing outside. of course, the dish, which requires hours of slow simmering, lends itself perfectly to cooking outside in the heavy le cruset pot. it's picturesque, it smells heavenly and it's just so great to be outdoors! this is going to be delicious!

especially since i had this inspired idea, to steam asparagus on the top right before we ate. we sat outside and ate it out of bowls while sitting near the stove, as it started to get dark. i should have posted this on the other blog because it was definitely a moment of perfect clarity.

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mqwest272 said...

How can you post such lovely pictures and describe fabulous food like that without including the RECIPE! I bought the chicken and the potatoes and the white wine... what ELSE?