Monday, December 1, 2008

headed your way

a week or so ago, i ordered fun sets of moo cards. i put together this group of the Summer of Fun so that each of the child participants in SOF would have a set of cards of their own. today, i punched holes in a set for sabin and then put them together on a metal ring. it will make a great stocking stuffer. and i'm sending the box of them that's in the picture your way so that you can do the same. i haven't punched holes or included a ring because they fit so nicely in their little box, so they're perfect for sending and won't get bent. there are 2 full sets in the box and one partial set...the full sets are for the boys and the partial, you can do with what you like, the people at MOO make frames and everything for displaying them. they're super fun.

and inside the box is a coupon for you to get 15% off your first order of moo cards should you find them as addictive as i do. :-)  i hope they arrive in time to be stocking stuffers!

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