Monday, December 8, 2008

weekend painting production and a dinner dish

this weekend, we were all crafty all the time. we started on friday painting canvases for decorating the writing house. i bought a whole bunch in different sizes and we all painted at least one. sabin, thinking it was a competition, painted seven and was done first.  the premise was that i limited the color palette, but everyone could paint what they wanted. the light was too bad to get good pix of the ones done by K & M and far today. i will just say that far's was surprisingly and uncharacteristically realistic and calm and did not involve any bludgeoning of small children by aquatic animals. K's was abstract and M's was a failure the first time around and she has repainted a base and isn't really done.

but, after all that, here's how they turned out:

my two
all seven of sabin's
sabin went with robots and cameras
and more cameras
and another robot
and another camera
and this was part of tonight's dinner.
it's that root vegetable time of year.
dice carrots, beets, parsnip, turnip, onion and garlic
tossed in olive oil & soused in a bit of white wine.
roasted garlic pepper and in the oven 45 minutes.

as for the other creativity, that was mostly sewing.

a christmasy french press cozy
M wanted to bead around this matrioshka
but that's all the farther she got.
once it's beaded, it'll go in with these.
and check out the wild colors K put together in her pillow!

it's so much fun to have all kinds of supplies around the house so we can go to town on the craftiness when the inspiration strikes.  you gotta check this out...we might have to find us some of this wallpaper that's for coloring in! :-) and i'm getting inspired to make some irreverent embroidery like this or this.

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