Tuesday, December 9, 2008

risengrød - food for real nisse


1 C short-grained rice (do not use basmati or other long-grained rice, it won't work)
1 liter of whole milk (to start with)

combine the two in a pan and heat up slowly to a gentle boil, stirring constantly (that's the hard part)

keep adding milk, possibly even up to another liter as the rice absorbs it.  this takes a good hour, but you have to keep testing the rice, you'll know when it's close enough to done to "put to bed"--by which i mean wrap it up in a big quilt in the midst of the pillows on your bed--for about 20 minutes or so. it will finish cooking this way.  serve with a big dollop of butter and plenty of sugar and cinnamon.

i personally would use 1.5 C rice, but husband says a cup. if you're going to sit there for an hour stirring, you might as well have plenty. and you can always form the leftovers into pancakes, roll them in a bit of flour to hold them together and fry them up in some butter and eat them with a bit of sugar & cinnamon sprinkled on.

risengrød isn't very photogenic, so no photo with this post.

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