Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Wonderful Time

We made the pizzas tonight while listening to Kenny Rogers and Juice Newton on repeat. It was great fun, though I need a proper pizza stone. I had them smush out the pizza crust in whatever shape they wanted. I baked them a little and then removed from oven. Then each boy put his own ingredients on his own crust. Owen piled pepperonis on top of mushrooms, stacked sausages on top of the pepperoni and then laid a pineapple on top of that. He had little columns of ingredients all over and his pizza wound up looking best. I'd post the picture here, but I can't find my silly card reader! Help, pictures trapped in camera!

At our bedtime snack, Finn recalled the experience of making pizzas and he said, "Oh my, that was a really wonderful time making dinner tonight."

Finn is a little walking montage of music, it's really quite funny. Nothing pleases me more than hearing him incorporate "You got to know when to hold 'em... know when to fold 'em" into his repertoire.

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julochka said...

i'm very happy to hear that it was a success! did they actually EAT what they made?