Thursday, July 24, 2008

at this moment...

here's a shot of what sabin is doing at this very moment (please disregard messy room behind her, it's chaos around here):

i would characterize it as vegging in front of the t.v. because it's hot and you know she doesn't do well in lands that are hot. strangely, her DS is not in her hand, but that's because she's eating a bun with chocolate in it.

to answer your other questions:
in her right hand: the remains of the chocolate bun
in her left hand: nothing
no one has been near her hair with a brush since she got home.
she regularly takes breaks from the DS on her own.
we had no toast, so she got nutella wasa crackers.
her toenails still look good, but we're doing fingernails here shortly.
no braids.
she could probably use that spanking.
she claims never to have chanted.
she ate the chocolatey crust off of an ice cream today and threw out the ice cream itself.

she's actually quite bored and unable to play by herself. we had oliver over yesterday and then had to (rather on an emergency basis because husband forgot) run to anne-marie & michael's for nikolai's birthday party, so there were lots of kids there (see facebook) and that was good. she's been bored out of her mind today because no one was available to play with. she was definitely spoiled by having playmates ready at hand at all times in her cousins owen and finn.

we hear a marked difference in her vocabulary since she got home, it was very good for her.

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