Monday, July 21, 2008

pookalakka has landed

this little girl landed "on time" with a two hour delay (which we knew about, hence my referring to it as on time) and then an hour's wait for the luggage!! karoline and i were lurking in the starbucks window and spotted her coming out together with the attendant. she looked so small in her white summer of fun t-shirt and big red backpack.  here, at first opportunity, she leaped into far's arms.

and here, safely settled back into her room, at her iMac, catching up on all she missed of big and little nerd (that's the name of the shows--store nørd, lille nørd) programs on DR's website.

she says she had an awesome summer and we are very grateful to aunt monica for the opportunity and all of the care and putting up with the whining and general state of chaos and madness and lack of sleep for nearly a month. out of general habit, she has already referred to both of us as "aunt monica" at least five times. :-)  

and the big suitcases of goodies made it safely past the customs officials. they never suspected a 7-year-old traveling unaccompanied would be carrying a small fortune in electronics. heehee.

thank you for a great summer, aunt monica!  see you in a month!

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Monica said...

I admired Sabin's fearless spirit as she bounced down that jetway just last night. I miss her terribly. Whining, general chaos, madness and lack of sleep were all well worth our fabulous time.