Thursday, July 10, 2008

Our Day

Here's what the past 3 days have looked like for us (in words):

* Cereal or berries for breakfast
* Nintendo DS
* arguing over Nintendo DS games
* webcam time (not today)
* 10:15 swimming lessons (everyone doing well, learning a lot of good skills)
* Back home
* More Nintendo DS (or Wii)
* Lunch (sandwiches, ramen noodles, melon, berries, milk)
* More Nintendo DS
* 1pm swimming pool (though we learned that after 3pm, the swimming pools become less zoo-like when the daycares take their kids away from the pools on buses. So today, we watched a 1pm movie ~i napped~ and then went to the pool at 3.)
* Sunscreen
* Watch me!
* Warm up on the towel
* More sunscreen
* more watch me!
* pack up and head for home
* shampoo hair at pool shower
* press wet pool butts once again into car seats (does that EVER dry out?)
* head home for cracker/yogurt snacks
* Steve pickup
* I depart for work at radio station
* Kid pickup before bedtime
* One last go at Mario Kart on the Wii
* Brush teeth
* BFG (book)
* to bed at last

Today, we had a play doh project where we put together many snowmen, a container ship and a full set of silverware.

Bugger they don't allow cameras at the swimming pool.

Tomorrow will be similar, but then on Friday we head for Omaha after lunch. There, we'll enjoy the hotel swimming pool and the big zoo. Also planning to enjoy the company once again of Grandma and Grampa as they prepare to meet us halfway and share our hotel room. Am hopeful that Ralph can fall asleep without the television on this time around. :)

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